Monday, April 20, 2015

To wait for the dream bus or board the one in front of him

Here he was. He was supposed to take the call to join this job. This was not exactly a dream come true. But as per discussions with people who matter, family and friends, This was a good compromise.  Every passing second his mind comes back to the same question, should he take this call. Heart is unsure. It has been always like this for him.  You cannot call him a loser, but things always went like this for him. Never picture perfect.  He always has to take this call to wait for the picture perfect dream or take the compromise. .  Why does it have to be like this way? Why do other people get an easy  and clear verdict? He blames himself. 

He is not sure if he has lost the battle. But the funny thing is he is not sure if he has won it as well.  

Anxiety builds up. He feels almost nauseous with anxiety.  He has to make a choice.  He has to press the yes or no button.  But he is afraid if his choice would turn out to be his biggest mistake. Fear  and anxiety affect him. He becomes irritable with people who matter. He feels jealous of people who have a clear choice.  He looks up for support. He feels alone. Insecure. Timid. 


That's life. 

Our choices and decisions govern who we end up becoming. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


When we plan for our work or life, we plan based on a perfect world. Perfect world has no friction. Just like in science, they made laws of science ignoring friction, they sounded perfect, but somehow could not explain reality. 

Similarly, when we start implementing our ideas, things which we never anticipated begin to happen. They slow you down. They appear trivial but they hold you back. Perfect plans often look imperfect when you start implementing.  

This is real life.  It is not perfect. It has friction. 

Art of winning is knowing by   experience that friction exists and make room for it your plans. 

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy-Clinicoradiological series

Radiology if used in integration with clinics makes sense, and gives more answers. So continuing with our Clinicoradiological series, here is a case of PSP. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reverse Hill Sachs Lesion: MRI

Patient with shoulder pain, old injury reveals: Altered contour in the anterior aspect of humeral head-suggesting osteochondral defect.  Altered contour in the posterior glenoid labrum along with associated paralabral cyst. These may indicate sequel to previous posterior dislocation.

Learning Point : Reverse Hill-Sachs lesion ( McLaughlin lesion) is defined as an impaction fracture of antero-medial aspect of humeral head following posterior dislocation of the humerus .

Monday, April 13, 2015

MRCP Part 1 Classes in India

MRCP Part 1 classes officially launched in New Delhi with Top British Faculty Dr James Galloway.   This begins a new chapter for DAMS, we strive to bring the best in Medical education in India.

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